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Metro Profiles presents: Whoa, Horsie

One in a series of articles on child development, child care, and parenting related topics.


Toilet training is a universal developmental milestone for young children. This article recounts my personal experience with this with my son, then age 2.


My son was always "small for his age" when he was young. Therefore, toileting was a challenge for him with adult size toilets. We purchased a toilet seat, with the flap, that is available at most stores, and fits over the adult sized seat. My son didn't like using it, and the very next day came up with his own solution to the problem. He marched into the bathroom, climbed up onto the toilet facing the back, straddled it, put his hands down in front of him to anchor himself, and went to the bathroom. That was the way he used the toilet from that day until he was tall enough to stand and use the toilet as most guys do.


The larger point of this is that children can be the most amazing problem solvers, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. Therefore, when your child is: go with it, learn from it, and pass it on to others! 


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