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House Selling Tips from a one-time House Hunter

Once upon a time, my family and I were in the market for a house. The process had its trials and tribulations, and three of them follow. These are real incidents, not fiction!


Ice Skating, anyone?

Atone of the houses we visited, in February, their driveway was, quite literally, a sheet of ice. The realtor, my husband, and I gamely made our way to this house. Fortunately, none of us suffered injury. We did not receive pairs of ice skates either! Go figure. We have no idea who these house sellers engaged as a lawyer, but I hope they had a good one!


Care for a Smoke?

One house we saw had an ashtray on the kitchen counter attractively framed with cigarette butts. None were actually burning at the time, but still not exactly enticing to us.


Light up the Room?

A third house we saw had no working electricity in one room; this was apparently a long-standing issue. Fortunately, again no injuries as we stumbled around in the dark.


House-seller take-away tips:


1)Spring for some salt! Much less expensive than lawsuits or criminal charges.


2)Bag the butts (please ignore any tangents that come to mind here, let's not go there).


3)Remember: a smile alone can't actually light up a room (that's just an expression)!


4)For additional tips, listen to your realtor, preferably. You can also, of course, listen to your 

    doctor, lawyer, mom, and hairdresser (who is the only one who knows for sure).


The author of this little ditty, Susie Redfern, is the parent of a special needs child (now age 22), and has started Celebrate Potential Community Connections to help empower and support people with special needs. She also has a long-time home business, Metro Profiles, to offer "your community at your fingertips". Both websites now reside at to provide online directories of child care centers, realtors, recreation programs, therapists, and more!

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